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Useful Free Tools

Lessons and Tutorials

GameMaker 8 Course

Useful Free Tools

Classroom Tools

Edmodo - Learning management system

Class Dojo - Classroom management tool

Padlet - Web based brainstorming tool

Todays Meet - A back channel for discussion and feedback.

Camstudio / Screenr / Screencast-o-matic - Screen recording tools

121writing - Record voice and video feedback for Google Docs assignment submissions.


Office Tools

Google Drive - Web based office style software (word processing, spreadsheets, databases)

Prezi - Web based interactive presentations

Blogger - Create your own blogs

Dropbox - Store files online

Cometdocs - Convert files from one format to another


Website Making Tools

Wix / Webs / Weebly - Website drag-and-drop template builders

Joomla / Wordpress / Drupal - Open-source Content Management Systems (PHP/MySQL)

FreeWebHost / 000WebHost - Web hosting facilities

Filezilla - FTP program

Server2Go - WAMP Web Server for testing/hosting your own PHP/MySQL websites


Multimedia Tools

Sketchpad - Web based drawing program

PicMonkey - Web based image editor

Sketchup / Blender - Create 3D graphics

Pivot / SynFig / AniBoom - Make animations

GoAnimate - Make animated videos online

Soundation - Web based audio editor

WeVideo / FileLab - Web based video editor

Keepvid - Convert Youtube to video files

Snipmp3 / YoutubeinMP3- Convert Youtube to MP3 audio files


Programming Tools

Code Academy - Learn online how to code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, Python, or Ruby.

Game Maker 8.1 - Make basic games

Unity 3d - Make advanced games

iBuildApp - Make web based Apps

MIT App Inventor / Eclipse SDK - Make Android Apps

Computer Science Education Resource Guide - Links to other resources and tutorial sites



Infogr.am / Visual.ly / Easel.ly - Create data visualisations and infographics online

Cacoo - Web based diagram/flowchart making tool

What The Font? - Scan and upload a font to find out what font it is


Lessons and Tutorials

VCE Information Technology

Unit 1 - Outcome 3 - ICT Issues Website Summary


ICT Issues

Cloud Computing

3D Printing


Image Manipulation using GIMP

Gimp basics - Big me vs Little me.



How to make custom animations in PowerPoint.


Website Making

How to make a basic website using Dreamweaver CS5 and Nyan Cat

Making Websites Using Kompozer - 1/6

Making Websites Using Kompozer - 2/6

Making Websites Using Kompozer - 3/6

Making Websites Using Kompozer - 4/6

Making Websites Using Kompozer - 5/6

Making Websites Using Kompozer - 6/6


Computers for Seniors - Beginners Course 101 (under development)

Week 1: Using Computers


Game Making Course using Game Maker 8.0

Game Design Course Guide

Download Game Maker 8 Program

Download Game Maker (8.1 to 8) Converter


Game Design Elements - PowerPoint Presentation

Game Programming Elements - PowerPoint Presentation

Connor's Quest Game - Winner of 2013 YAGA Competition

Games made by students in this course

Games I have made


Game Design Analysis Task 1 - Design Presentation

Game Design Analysis Task 2 - Game Programming Elements


Game Maker Lesson 1a - Clickball Part 1

Game Maker Lesson 1b - Clickball Part 2

Game Maker Lesson 1 - Clickball - QUICK VERSION


Clickball PowerPoint Tutorial

Clickball sprites, sounds and resources to download and use.

Game Maker Lesson 2a - Arkanoid Part 1 - QUICK VERSION

Game Maker Lesson 2b - Arkanoid Part 2 - QUICK VERSION


Arkanoid PowerPoint Tutorial

Arkanoid sprites, sounds and resources to download and use.


Game Maker Lesson 3a - Pacman Part 1

Game Maker Lesson 3b - Pacman Part 2


Pacman PowerPoint Tutorial

Pacman sprites, sounds and resources to download and use.


Maze Game Tutorial

Assignment 1 - Design your own Maze Game

1945 Plane Shooting Game Tutorial

Counterstrike 2D Game Tutorial


Creating Animated Sprites (using existing sprite sheets online)

How to make animated sprites for Game Maker, using Photoshop ELEMENTS 10.

How to make animated sprites for Game Maker, using GIMP 2.

How to make animated sprites for Game Maker, using Photoshop CS5.