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Mobile Apps

Here are a series of Android Apps I have made using App Inventor:

Note: These can be opened at the moment if you can install apk files on your phone. Some are legacy versions prior to App Inventor updates so might not work on some devices.

Celeb Bash

Angry at the world? Annoyed at your partner or ex? Irritated over the popularity of certain celebrities or politicians? Well stress no more! Instead of venting your frustration at the wall, your friends, the person in question or society in general, download this game instead! Chris Brown should have this app! (Chris Brown IS in this app!) This "Whack a Mole" style arcade game allows to you select from a list of celebrities/politicians and backgrounds to "bash"! You can also load your own pics and backgrounds from your phone to whack in the game!

Imagine being able to load up your ex, best mate or worst enemy and bash away without impending lawsuits, medical costs or prison time! This app has been proven to keep potential criminals out of jail - It has also reduced street violence!* This app also keeps score of times you have successfully bashed and times you had missed. The game gets harder the more times you bash. Slippery little suckers..

*These claims have been completely made up.

Click here for download the game (apk file) - Due to changes in Google Play this App was removed from the store in 2017

Sound Board

Play the default sounds or record your own, replace graphics etc.

Click here for download the game (apk file)

Soft Kitty Warm Kitty Little Ball of Fur

-Touch the cat and it meows!


Paint Pot

A canvas you can paint on with your finger.


Ghost Busting

Catch the ghost if you can.



Where in the World is Mr.Lee Quiz

A multiple choice quiz where you identify the location in the pictures displayed.