18 March 2006

To whom it may concern,

James has lodged at my house (Bristol, England) in two separate periods during the time he has worked as an Online Education Consultant at the school where I teach foreign languages such as French, German, and Spanish.

I have found James to be a professional hard working individual who is willing to go beyond his own job requirements in order to get projects completed properly and on time. He would often bring his work home with him. He is good with the students with a relaxed friendly and approachable attitude. He is resourceful with good classroom management skills.

Lodging at my house, James has proven to be a neat, clean, responsible person. I have had no problems with receiving his rent money on time, and he is courteous and respectful of my property and rental conditions. He has also been enthusiastic with exploring the countryside around Bristol, from going on bird watching and walking trips with me through Cornwall and the Cotswolds, to travelling independently to places like Bath, Somerset and Wales.

Having recently visited James in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia, James has been a welcoming host, making sure I was able to see the flora and fauna around his country's national parks, inviting me to share Christmas with his family, and introducing me to local Australian culture and customs.

James would be a terrific asset and joy to any school or institution he chooses to work in as an ESL teacher.

Yours faithfully,

John Barnett

Formerly Head of Foreign Languages
Sir Bernard Lovell School, Bristol, England.