Incorporating 14-19 Education at:
Downend School : The Grange School
Hanham High School : Kingsfield School
Mangotsfield School : The Sir Bernard Lovell School
And City of Bristol College - Soundwell Centre

12 April 2005

To whom it may concern

I am very pleased to be able to provide an open testimonial for James Lee (D.O.B 01.12.79) who has had two fixed-term contracts in the Kingswood Partnership, including five months in 2004 and four months in 2005.

The Kingswood Partnership, comprising six secondary schools and a college of further education on the outskirts of east Bristol, has worked collaboratively for over ten years in order to provide increasingly high quality and efficiently delivered courses for approximately 7000 full-time students between the ages of 11 and 19. The Partnership was selected in 2002 as one of twenty-five 14-19 Pathfinders by the Department for Education and Skills. The aim of the Kingswood Partnership Pathfinder, now in its third year, is to develop a broad, inclusive and vocationally relevant 14-19 curriculum framework, based on a diploma model, which will raise levels of achievement and participation of all young people in the Kingswood area. As part of this programme of development, the Partnership is working with a Melbourne-based company called Etechgroup to develop a web-based extranet system that will support a personalised approach to education.

James has worked previously for Etechgroup whilst living in Melbourne and we were fortunate enough to secure his services for two fixed periods as part of his extended travelling in Europe and further afield. In the time that James has been with the Partnership, I have been highly impressed by his ability to respond to the huge variety of tasks which has been passed his way, including:

  • Producing training materials and designing of websites.
  • Building online resources in response to the requirements of guidance staff.
  • Supporting staff in the production of subject-specific resources.
  • Bug fixing, system testing and advising Partnership staff on the design constraints of the database-driven extranet.
  • Training groups of staff and individuals in all the centres in the Partnership.
  • Contributing to planning and innovation session.
  • Working with students of all ages, both in groups and individually.

Although James has not had as yet any formal teacher training, he has demonstrated both an excellent understanding of the aims of the educational context in which he has been working, as well as a relaxed and confident manner when working with both teachers and students. He is a very quick learner and he is able to use his own initiative when confronted with a problem and little guidance.

James has good communication skills and his ability to present information in both formal and educational contexts has improved during the time he that he has been with us. James' attendance and punctuality have both been excellent - he has had 0 days absence for illness during his two periods of time with the Partnership. James has an excellent sense of humour, as well as a very positive attitude towards his work, and, as demonstrated by his ambitious and courageous travel plans, his personal life.

In conclusion, James has made a very valuable contribution to the development of the Kingswood Partnership and his knowledge of learning environments and of the design process will be sorely missed. If James was not leaving to continue his travels and if funding allowed, we would have no hesitation in offering James further employment within the Kingswood Partnership.

Yours faithfully,

Jez Truelove

Kingswood Partnership 14-19 Co-ordinator
c/o Sir Bernard Lovell School, North Road, Oldland Common, Bristol, BS30 8TS